Recovering from surgery

I haven’t posted much lately because I’ve had so much going on. After coping with my son and all the issues around his behaviour, housing and finances, I went into hospital for scheduled surgery on my foot! This was on Monday 5th September and I was due to have the other foot operated on tomorrow but due to the Queen’s sad passing and funeral it has been postponed to the 30th. I’m glad because it gives me more time to strengthen the foot that has had the operation especially as there is a recovery time of 3-6 months on average and I wasn’t keen on my surgeon’s determination to do both within a short space of time. That said, my foot is healing, but I can’t rush the process with my pre existing issues.

I’ve been feeling vulnerable but at the same time proud of how I’ve managed almost entirely alone with the aid of an electric wheelchair! For three days I couldn’t even put my heel on the floor. Plus I had a bad reaction to the codeine I was prescribed and was violently sick for 24 hours. I coped. I wish my friends had checked in more, but I’m okay.

I will write a longer post soon. I’m reading many of your blogs and getting comfort from them.

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