The call of my spirit

Today’s spread is a reminder of the challenges that I face on the path of life!

All the cards I pulled were from the major arcana, representing major life lessons, which is significant in itself.

My spread:

Card 1: Death

Card 2: Judgement

Card 3: The High Priestess

Card 4: Strength

Add on: Devil

What a spread! Firstly, many people are scared of the death card, but it is actually a very positive card within a spread. It doesn’t mean that anyone is going to die or foreshadow anything terrible; it points to transformation into a better state of being, which inevitably does involve letting go of something, whether that’s old habits or perceptions or possibly a relationship, but it always means moving forward into something better. In my case the death card shows I am trying to let go of the past and live more in the present each day, as well as live in mindful awareness of thoughts and beliefs that limit me.

Then follows the judgement card, which also despite its name is very positive. This is a card of listening to the calling of one’s spirit. Like the death card, it points to transformation, resurrection and being accountable. The death card was saying this is what I need to do, whereas the judgement card is saying now put it into action and follow through with it. Moreover, it is saying that I have emerged from many trials and now I need to reflect on my choices and look at what I must become in this higher state of awareness.

Therein enters the High Priestess card and this beautiful lady represents the moon and the power of the unconscious. She is saying I can trust my intuition and let it be my guide for all the wisdom I need is within me. I also need to be mindful of illusions and my shadow self which may try to sabotage my progress.

Finally, the strength card speaks for itself: this journey is tough and I need strength to do it. It is also my birth card and number (8) which is about action, perfection and rebirth.

The add-on card at the end of the shuffle was – would you believe – the Devil himself! I believe this card is a reminder that underlying this spread is the message that temptation to fall back into old ways of being is a constant companion on this journey. The Devil may appear in the form of old habits, desires, addictions, patterns that lurk beneath the surface of life. But the other cards are showing me that I can deal with these by letting them go, listening to the call of my spirit, remaining in touch with my intuition, being strong, and having the humility to recognise these temptations and not thinking I am above them.

I love how apt the cards always are and it seems with each spread the more powerful the message.

Love over fear

In last night’s dream a man kept shaking me. Or was it the other way around? I told him I was sorry for all his pain and that I hadn’t realised because I was a little girl. Someone else told me that I was the focus of his wrath now because I was getting the attention. Prior to the shaking, he was following me, hunting me down, even going into female toilets and pushing his way into a cubicle where my mum was sitting (not using, thankfully).

Who is this man? He represents masculine energy within my being; my mental or logical side which is concerned with thinking, action, assertiveness, dominance and the material world. In contrast, the little girl represents innocence, the pure heart, receptivity, the spiritual. In the dream she responds with love because she is in tune with her natural state of being and knows no fear or pain. The man, caught in conditioned thoughts and beliefs, only knows to attack what he doesn’t understand. His goal is survival at any cost and the little girl is a threat at some basic level because she is now the focus. Love, rather than fear.

What I have taken from this is that my old conditioned thought patterns are fighting for survival against my increasing focus on the light within my self and the knowledge of the innocence of my true being. Conditioned thoughts are rooted in fear because they are born of woundedness and pain. They attack because they do not feel worthy of love – my love. They cannot see or feel the light. They do not want to because they may disappear and then what? There can be a lot of comfort tied up in old negative thought patterns and wounds. We do not always want to let go of them. It can be more frightening to surrender to the light of truth.

The pivotal message of the dream is this: despite the threat, I responded in love rather than fear. Despite the fear of letting go, symbolised by the toilet cubicle, I am facing those wounds. As I reflect on this, I am remembering a prayer I sent recently which consisted of the genuine intention to be happy for those with whom I sometimes have a tendency to lose myself in sadness; to rise above self-centredness and enter into the realm of pure unconditional love where everyone and everything is accepted and welcomed with love, even my deepest wounds.

My challenge is to remember my natural state of being even when those thoughts and patterns take over and attack myself or lament others for having what I desire or lost. In the light, there is no pain, no loss, no separation: there is only love.