Owning my power

I’ve been studying tarot at an evening class for several weeks and I want to try and advance my knowledge by interpreting my own spreads here. I’m amazed by their accuracy, particularly over time as I become accustomed to using them. My tarot teacher says to ‘form’ a relationship with my cards whereby they get used to my energy and in turn provide more helpful readings for myself and others.

I’m always open to suggestions and interpretations from anyone else used to reading tarot so feel free to comment if you feel so inclined.

Today’s reading consists of the following in a 4 part spread, along with the bottom of the shuffled pile as an add on:

Card 1: The Emperor

Card 2: 6 of Cups

Card 3: 5 of Swords

Card 4: The Magician

Add on: Ace of Cups

Straight away I could see this spread is about masculine energy and power. The Emperor represents my need for structure and guidance from a trusted mentor in my life, and perhaps even from these cards themselves. They may also be a reminder for me to set some boundaries and be assertive in my life, particularly after a very recent decision to block someone who was violating my boundaries. The Emperor is a 4 card, which also points to a need for stability and the laying of a foundation in order to move forward.

Then we go to card 2, which is showing me that emotionally I’m feeling nostalgic about the past just now, as indeed I had a difficult dream about a family member last night which has left me feeling shaky and very in touch with my inner child. The card is also a reminder that I can get in touch with that child, nurture her, but let the past be in the past and not get stuck there but keep on moving forward as this is where my power lies. The number 6 is about getting in alignment and finding inner harmony which also resonates deeply as I re-connect with old feelings of loss and grief.

But haha – then card 3 – the 5 of Swords – shows me that my external environment is proving a challenge and I need to be mindful of using my power in the wrong ways. It is reminding me that I need to choose my battles wisely and decide for myself what I’m fighting for, what I’m taking with me from the past, how I want to structure my life, without being swayed by external circumstances and difficult people. 5 is always a number of conflict and it’s for me to decide how I manage that conflict in the right way, by setting appropriate boundaries.

The main spread finishes with a really positive card – the Magician – which again is all about masculine energy and power, but rather than the Emperor, which is about the power of structure and discipline and guidance – which is all positive in and of itself – it is pointing to the fact I have control over my own path and that I can trust my intuition. It is a card of personal power, manifestation, and creativity. It is a reminder that I can believe in myself and trust the opportunities that present themselves. The Magician is number 1, which is of course a great number for manifesting and coming into one’s own power!

And then, most interestingly, the card at the bottom of the pack – the Ace of Cups – refers to emotional fulfilment and self-love, joy and happiness, particularly from a very young aspect of me, which is another reminder that to live in my own power means to embrace the inner child in the here and now. New beginnings can then emerge, symbolised by the Ace.

In short, a very relevant and positive spread.