Sacred beauty of Oludeniz, Turkey

In the midst of everything recently I managed to get away to Turkey for a few days. It was the first trip abroad in 8 years and I found myself awed by the beauty of the landscape. It really was stunning. And hot! Most days were over 30 degrees, with the exception of the final day which was 29. I spent most of my days reading on the beach and by the hotel pool.. I also found joy in exploring the local shops which were full of quirky handmade gifts, many from the Hindu tradition. The art and culture reflected the sacred beauty in everything around me and reminded me that it does not matter what name we give God or which tradition we follow – the Divine is life itself in all its creative forms.

Welcome to my website!

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website Path of Light! I’m so excited to be sharing my journey with you and hopefully connecting with people and meeting new friends. My current aim for this blog is to share my reflections as I move through daily life, from the deeply spiritual to the mundane. I’ve been interested in spirituality since I was child, starting with Christianity and moving towards more New Age, Spiritualist and Eastern teachings. While I listen to and use a lot of teachings as guides, I don’t have a ‘set’ path that I follow other than my own life experience. I believe that everyone is a spark of the Divine and when we tap into the light that it is in our heart we will literally, as they say, find our way home.

On the mundane level, here’s some information about me that some of you may find relatable: I’m a 40ish female living in the UK. I identity as an introvert, highly sensitive person (HSP), and empath. My main passions are self-development, writing, books, music, animals and nature. I share my life with a dog and two hamsters. I have two chronic illnesses – POTS and M.E – which I have lived with for most of my adult life. I also struggle with depression and anxiety. I have an adult son with severe learning difficulties. I have a difficult past. Despite all this – or perhaps because of it – I try not to let any of my circumstances define me beyond teaching me to love myself and others as well as I can.

This blog will inevitably evolve over time as I find my way through my words but, for now, it is a space to share my journey at this point and connect with other souls going through their own challenges.