Book Review: 11/5

It’s not often that I post book reviews, but I’m writing this for a friend who has published his first novel ’11/5′. Based on real life experiences, it’s a beautiful, heartfelt account of the perils of forming a connection with someone over email before travelling abroad and starting an exciting long distance romance. For a time, things seemed perfect. But everything is not as it appears.

Thomas had always felt different and longed for a likeminded, sensitive soul to share his life, and for a time it seemed that Elisa was the perfect girl. Vibrant, funny, she was everything Thomas wanted. He was certainly everything SHE wanted. Okay so she had a difficult past, she was unpredictable, but he understood. He wanted to be with her, no matter what. Didn’t he?

Through the novel we experience the deep connection between the two characters over email; intense, vulnerable and passionate. I was braced for the moment Thomas and Elisa met, keen to find out how the in IRL chemistry would be and whether they could build on what they’d already built online to form a lasting relationship despite the distance – and Elisa’s rocky past.

I felt the novel was a very moving portrayal of how hard it can be to find the right person to share a life and navigate the complicated waters of traumatic pasts and present expectations. I could relate so deeply to the desire for a companion to share my life but feeling overwhelmed, doubting my feelings and perceptions, often wondering if I’d rather just be on my own. The author is also an HSP (highly sensitive person) and spiritually minded, and I believe if it’s harder for those of us who are more self-aware to truly fit in when it comes to relationships, or indeed anywhere else!

The author’s native language is German and his written English is not perfect; however, I find this makes the novel even more readable. He has a very unique, chatty style which engaged me from the first page. The title and illustration depict a sense of anticipation and urgency which is carried throughout.

I wish the author well with his novel. I’ll definitely be looking out for more from him!

2 thoughts on “Book Review: 11/5

  1. I also know the author of this book. Though I have yet to finish the book it really has my attention. He is a very kind and caring man and it portrays in his novel. I’m to travel abroad next summer and have plans to meet with him for a day.


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