Self mastery, inner power, and justice

I wish I had the energy to write about all my tarot spreads but I’ve been struggling with a flare up of my health condition recently and had to take a step back from a lot of things. However, today’s spread is so fascinating that I just had to say something. I’m trying not to get caught in interpreting my spread too rationally and instead come from a place of intuition. The temptation can be to overthink it, especially as a beginner. But as soon as I pulled today’s cards I thought ‘wow’ and listened to my heart.

This spread is about self mastery. It points to ownership of my inner power. I am in touch with both sides of my nature – masculine and feminine- and I understand and work with my thoughts (swords) and emotions (cups). I have a good balance between emotions and rationality, or at least the potential is there to achieve this, and consequently I will experience greater intuition and creativity in my life. I am slowly feeling more stable in the midst of my emotional storms and know they will pass.

The minor arcana are positioned around one major arcana – The World – which represents completion and fulfilment. I am integrating all aspects of my being- the light and the dark. The fool is holding the wands of both of magician and the chariot – indicating that I have reached a place where I can embrace my inner power, which emerges from my soul, and willpower, which stems from the ego.

It is interesting that the Justice card is the over-riding one in this spread. Justice is concerned with morality and fairness, particularly on the physical plane, and the need to act in accordance with one’s greater good. A shadow aspect to this card is the fixation on life being unfair, especially in the case of a very challenging life, and I have my share of complaints. I think this card is reminding me that life IS fair and just in ways I do not understand, but my soul does, and I can choose to hold the vision of my greatest good in everything I do. In addition, it is a reminder to stay balanced and aware even in the face of great personal struggle.

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