Only love is real

A few days ago I was crying hard when I had an epiphany. I realised with utter certainty that my entire life has been preparing me for what I’m currently going through – a shedding of the old me; a peeling away of the layers of conditioned self that I have wrapped around myself for comfort and familiarity; a removing of the desires that keep me entrenched in this way of being.

Suffering breaks our heart open, if we let it. It makes us realise that we were never in control and never will be. That is an illusion. There is the conditioned self and there is the soul who expresses through the personality structure as love itself. My conditioned self is falling away, bit by bit. It isn’t needed anymore. Everything it wrapped its identity up in is disappearing. Only love is left. Only love is real.

3 thoughts on “Only love is real

  1. I related to this a lot as I think I am myself in a shedding process; sometimes it gets so painful that I don’t believe I had what it takes to grow anymore, that the pain will kill me; I am one so addicted to order and certainty which makes breaking open a bit harder. I am practicing to let go and trust, to let love heal what needs to be healed. This post gave me some more courage to stay on the journey for today. Thank you!

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    • Thank you for sharing, shedding is so painful in so many ways, it literally destroys everything you thought you knew about yourself. Letting go and trusting/surrendering brings the most peace. I’m so glad to hear my post helped you! Blessings x

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