Setting an intention for 2022

The New Year can be seen as a time for letting go of the old and embracing the new as well as setting intentions for the coming year. Intention is a powerful focus of mental energy and can work miracles when in alignment with what serves our highest good.

I set my intention to keep my focus on what Matt Kahn (I love this guy!) calls walking the ‘high road’; asking what love would do in this moment, knowing that love is the only answer, because love is all there is, even when life suggests the opposite.

Love as a word can also be replaced with God, the Universe, Higher Self, Divine, Christ…because it all points to the same truth. It doesn’t matter which word is used and I’ll probably use them interchangeably depending on how I’m feeling at the time. What matters is knowledge of the deepest eternal truth no matter the outer circumstances. It’s a journey of discovering and forgetting and re-discovering again…this is all part of the dance. The storm blows while the eye at the very centre is calm…that eye is our eternal Self, always at peace, always in love.

Blessings everyone. I wish you a beautiful happy and healing New Year. If this time is painful for you, my heart is very much with you.

6 thoughts on “Setting an intention for 2022

  1. Great intention. I also pick an intention at the beginning of the year. Matt is a real character – got to see him in person a few times – and quite unique. I donโ€™t know if you know of Mary Reed (the Unwitting Mystic), but she might resonate with you.


    • Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve just looked her up and her website looks great! I will have a read. How nice that you’ve seen Matt in person! I’d love to but I’m in the UK so it’s unlikely. Thanks for commenting! X


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