Solitary seagull

I’m passionate about all birds and living by the sea we get a lot of gulls. Today I noticed a young – perhaps adolescent – gull having a mooch around the grass near the local park. Like most gulls, it was confident and not at all fazed by me and my dog. It seemed entirely alone and happy with the fact.

3 thoughts on “Solitary seagull

  1. We are all Spiritual Beings and this means that we are all individualized expressions of God and ONE with ALL that exists. This means that the same Creator that created us also created this gull. And it is also an individualized expression of God. The gull also is living with Divine guidance and wisdom. This is why it recognized no threat from you or your pup. The Law of Attraction is working perfectly here. You put love into this bird and it returned trust and love to you. Have a blessed day.

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